Church of the Annunciation

The Church of the Annunciation is the parish church of Hanover

“The visitor to the ‘Hanover’ area of Brighton who eventually finds this little church, clinging to one of our steepest hillsides, usually first remarks on its hiddenness – what a surprise to find a parish church in the heart of these tightly packed streets! This is just as the founder intended.

The Reverend Arthur Douglas Wagner, founder and benefactor, saw the workers’ cottages springing up amid the market gardens on the hill in the 1850’s and determined to build here a little church for the poor. The wealthy visitors to Brighton from Regency days were well served by the Established Church, but Father Wagner’s intention was to bring the light of faith and education to the poor. The fashionable Brighton churches drew crowds and charged pew rents but on this hillside was to be a place that was free and devoted only to its immediate neighbours, the labouring families of farm and railway workers and fishermen.”

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