Community Coalition Meeting October 2018

Present: Sarah Davies (Phoenix Brighton), Sarah McCarthy (Phoenix Residents), Cllr David Gibson, Tom Goodridge (BHCC Communities Team), Sam Warren (BHCC Communities Team, Alexia Lazou (Hanover Community Association), Emma (Trust for Developing Communities), Simon Bannister (BHCC Communities Team)

Apologies: David Hearn (Hanover & Elm Grove Local Action Team), Ian Macintyre (Hanover Action), Paul Norman (Hanover Action), Anthony Murley (Annunciation Church), Amy Allison (Trust for Developing Communities), Jill Peters (Hanover Community Association), Fiona Levack (Lewes Road)

Meeting chair: Sarah Davies

Minute taker: Simon Bannister

1. Actions from last meeting not covered in agenda

Pride: Simon has spoken with Pride organisers. As the Phoenix area is outside of their core festival site, they cannot speak for all of the issues raised, and have suggested that a meeting could be set up which they could attend, but also the Police and council events team. Action – Simon to arrange and to invite Level Communities Forum & London Rd Local Action Team to jointly arrange it.

Pride Social Impact Fund: An application for funds to support work in the Phoenix area is being considered. Action : Sam Warren to find out when the deadline is and any other info about applying.

2. Restorative Justice Project Update

A project meeting took place earlier today:

  • Tim has moved to a new role in the council, and the new RJ worker is Kate Hopkins who is funded until March next year.
  • The Pankhurst motorbike project has run into difficulties as it has proven hard to find a venue. Tim, Kate and Amy are working on some ideas for an alternative venue or way of delivering the work and will report back as this progresses.
  • The Phoenix mural project is going well and is being led by Chloe from Phoenix Gallery. They are looking to appoint an artist to work on the project at the moment and expect the main work to take place in February next year.
  • Phoenix ball court project has started consultation with young people about how the space might be changed/re-imagined/improved. Initial work suggests that something more varied and inclusive than the current one dimensional basketball area should be aimed for, with new planting added as well as opportunities for other physical/game/play opportunities. Sarah McCarthy is leading on this, with support from Simon B and Emma and a meeting has been set up to help steer and resource this project.

3. Other Phoenix issues

  • Phoenix Partnership meetings with Hyde have continued and an action plan has been produced. Hyde have agreed to external decoration of properties and this will get underway shortly
  • Sarah M has is meeting with Gabs from Hyde who is able to assist with setting up a formal residents association for the estate.

4. Wellington Road Estate

Cllr Gibson has been meeting with residents of Wellington Road estate and has arranged for a walkabout with city clean and development of an action plan

5. Good Gym projects

Good Gym are returning to the Phoenix Gallery to carry out some weeding tasks, and Cllr Gibson has booked them to carry out work in the area once a month. Anyone with any task suggestions, let him know

6. Neighbourhood Action Plan update

Discussions since the last meeting have suggested that the event planned for the 31st October should not go ahead as it will clash with half term and Halloween. Discussion took place around the best way to run this event, recognising the need to get the Action Plan up and running as soon as possible.

It was agreed to refocus this event as a launch for the coalition under its new constitution, which David Gibson is finalising, and under the new name of The Hanover & Elm Grove Communities Forum. It was felt that this should take place on a Saturday afternoon, and should also focus on the Neighbourhood Action Plan as the final event around this pre publication. As well as residents and forum members, service providers will be invited. The most appropriate venue for this was agreed as the Hanover Community Centre main hall


  • David Gibson to finish the constitution
  • Simon B to check availability of the venue for November 17th
  • Simon B to draft an entry for the Hanover Directory – deadline Monday!
  • David G to approach those members who have not been involved recently to garner their participation
  • When the details are set, all to promote and publicise and encourage participation
  • There will be further tasks around preparation, setting up, catering etc… to be decided by email

Next meeting: November 28th




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