Community Coalition Meeting September 2018

Hanover & Elm Grove Community Coalition meeting

September 5th 2018 – Phoenix Gallery

Present: David Hearn (HEGLAT), Paul Norman (Hanover Action), Amy Allison (TDC), Alexia (Hanover Community Assoc), Fiona Levack (Resident), Tara (BHCC Homeless Trailblazer), Ian Mackintyre (Hanover Action), Sarah McCarthy (Phoenix Estate), Sarah Davies (Phoenix Gallery) David Gibson (Ward Councillor), Simon Bannister (BHCC Commnities Team)

Apologies: Tim Reed (BHCC Restorative practice), Jill Peters (HCA), Cllr Emma Daniel, Jane Brown (Pankhurst Area Community Association), Denise Browning (May Rd residents)

  1. Matters from last meeting

Community infrastructure Levy: No update on this but see Constitution item below.

Restorative Practice: Three work programmes are being developed:

  • Pankhurst motorcycle project – current challenge is finding a venue. Meeting with Brighton General will take place on Sept 6th looking at potential use of space
  • Phoenix Community Garden/Ball Court – Community BBQ taking place on September 15th which will start the consultation process
  • Graffiti Project – work had been developing with  Good Gym who carried out a Graffiti paint out at the Phoenix estate. Cllr Gibson is looking for additional tasks for them to tackle in the area.

2. Constitution

The latest draft constitution was presented (can be viewed HERE) and discussion covered the following points:

  • Share with council officer for feedback (Amy)
  • What should be the quorum? 7 or a higher number?
  • Can representatives from groups be substituted? – Yes.
  • Can roles be better defined/split – e.g. it would be helpful to have a publicity officer post, distinct from the secretary role.

Cllr Gibson will redraft the constitution before the next meeting.

3. Neighbourhood Action Plan

Work on developing the content of themes, and the issues to be tackled is now pretty much done, and the next task is to arrange a service provider engagement day, aimed at getting service providers on board and signed up to helping us take forward actions.

The format for this will be informed by similar events put on recently by other NAP areas; a large space with a table for each theme, with service providers invited to circulate around themes, talk with theme group reps and consider how they can help. Simon will get more information about these events to help guide the agenda.

Sarah offered the Phoenix gallery space as a venue, which is the largest community space available and in a high profile and easy to find location, and a date was settled for October 31st.

Simon will send out more info.

4. Pride

Concerns were raised from Phoenix Estate residents about the impact of Pride on the neighbourhood – largely around noise disturbance and disorderly behaviour. Simon contacted Pride organisers and invited them to this meeting, but they have not replied as yet.

Simon will follow up and try to arrange a meeting for Phoenix residents

5. Homeless trailblazer

The meeting welcomed Tara from the BHCC Homeless Prevention Service to talk about the homeless trailblazer project, which works to prevent homelessness by providing support to people at risk of losing their home. The service is aimed toward people aged 26 or over in private accommodation (there are other avenues for council tenants and younger people) and works with individuals to develop a personal housing plan to try to ensure they are able to retain their tenancy. Tara will provide referal forms and other information which will be posted on this site and circulated within the coalition.

David Gibson noted the work of the Housing Coalition, which is developing a Good Landlord Scheme and the Living Rent Campaign, and will provide more information and invite a representative to speak at a future meeting.

6. Next meeting

The next meeting will take place on October 10th (venue tbc)






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