Community Coalition Minutes April 2018

MINUTES of the Neighbourhood Action Plan development meeting, part of the Hanover & Elm Grove Local Action Team (HEGLAT)

Tuesday April 10th – 6.30pm Phoenix Community Centre

  1. Welcome, introductions and apologies

Present: Simon Bannister (BHCC), David Hearn (HEGLAT), Joyce Edmond Smith, Amy Allison (Trust for Developing Communities) Cllr David Gibson, Ian Macintyre (Hanover Action), Sarah Davies (Phoenix Brighton) Sarah McCarthy (Phoenix Community Association), Tom Goodridge (BHCC), Alexia Lazou (Hanover Community Association), Jill Peters (Hanover Community Association), Daisy Brown (Queens Park resident), Jean Blaison (Phoenix resident)

Apologies: Tim Read (BHCC), Paul Tilley (Phoenix Community Association)

  1. Appointment of temporary chair and minute taker

Chair– Joyce Edmond Smith

Minutes – Sarah Davies (Phoenix Brighton)

  1. How do we work? – Process & organisation of the coalition

Now we have funding in place it was considered that the Community Coalition needs to have:

  1. Terms of reference
  2. Ways and means to keep the meetings open for anyone to be involved

We had various discussions. The group was originally set up within the middle ground to attract the relevant community organisations / groups. There was a strong opinion the group has to be kept open for all to engage to spread the word but also to spread the work load. It was noted some sub-groups may form from the tasks at hand but generally the current number is a manageable group.

Action: Simon B and David H volunteered to draft the first terms of reference for the group

  1. Draft Action Plan & themes update

Following the community event, Simon B combined all the comments from the day and David H turned it into an action focused format. This is a working document to be added to when necessary. It was agreed all survey results should be included. Measures and evaluation to be included before final draft to be completed by the end of May. Thanks to Simon B and David H were made by the rest of the group.

Action : Please can all members of HEGLAT read through the draft action plan and feed comments via the HEGLAT website to DH.

  1. Theme leads and development

The following themes and leads were identified:

Theme 1 – Refuse, recycling & street cleansing

Lead: Ian Macintyre (Hanover Action)

Theme 2 – Crime and Community Safety

Lead: Cllr Emma Daniels + HEGLAT

Theme 3 – The Environment: Green Space, biodiversity and sustainability

Lead : TBC

Involvement possibly from: Hanover Action, Friends of the Patch and Sarah McCarthy’s husband

Theme 4 – Neighbourliness and Community Spirit

Lead: Cllr David Gibson + Queens Park Community

Meeting arranged for Wednesday 18th April 7.30pm at the Hanover Pub

Theme 5 – Health

Lead: TBC, possibly Sean Depodesta.

Simon B to contact directly

Involvement possibly from: Patient Participation Groups / MIND

Theme 6 – Digital Resilience

Lead: Simon Bannister (BHCC)

 Future Neighbourhood Action Plan events

    1. Spring at the Patch on Sunday 29th April

This is a family orientated event to communicate our activities and information to residents on how they may get involved. We have a gazebo. Any ideas to bring our stall to life welcomed.

Amy A suggested possible public health space to check your heart rate with a community nurse.

Sarah D (Phoenix Brighton) – we can provide an artist to encourage community to engage with our provacations/ideas.

  1. Phoenix Community Association + Phoenix Brighton on Saturday 19th May

This event will be part of the Open Studios weekend inviting all the community into Phoenix Brighton to hear about the development of the community association.

  1. Pankhurst/Queens Park

Date to be confirmed.  Theme will be social isolation and how we tackle this.

  1. Restorative Communities programme

We were invited by the council to put a bid together. We successfully got £10,000 grant towards Crime and Community Safety / Restorative Practice and Community conflict.  Amy from Queens Park Community Association is the Lead Partner who will manage the financial fund.

The programme management suggestions are:

  1. Awareness and Training / restorative practice. This could be an arts based approach either a restorative street art project around Phoenix / Phoenix Community Association / young people’s film project. Sarah Davies (Phoenix Brighton) can co-ordinate any arts based initiatives by working with experienced community based artists with all community groups
  2. Practical Improvement
  3. Capacity Building – we need to stretch the benefits of the funding as wide as possible. To possibly include The Level Communities Forum / May Road / Phoenix Community Association / Bike Hub

Sarah Mc said that Paul Tilley as offered to give some time to the project.

Action: Simon B to call another meeting to look at the detail and delivery of the plan with the aim to send a revised plan back to the council. Sarah D and David H volunteered their time to work on this together.

  1. Next meeting – Tuesday 1st May 6.30pm at Phoenix Brighton. Meeting room on first floor.
  2. AOB – None
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