Neighbourliness & Community Spirit

Proposed Aims:

  • To promote active citizenship that builds upon the distinctive ‘village’ feel of Hanover & Elm Grove, creating a cleaner, safer & more cohesive community.
  • To be an inclusive community and bring the views of all residents into the Hanover & Elm Grove neighbourhood ‘conversation’.
  • Strengthen the network of community facilities and events within Hanover & Elm Grove so that they continue to become environmentally and more financially sustainable and continue to meet the ranging needs of the community
  • Support the development of local independent and community friendly businesses within the area.

Potential Partners: BHCC CETs Team; Hanover Action; H&EG LAT; Friends of the Patch; The Food Waste Collective; Vegetable Education Garden; Phoenix Estate TA; Queen’s Park Community Association; Universities (student unions & volunteering groups); Tenant and resident associations. Trust fore Developing Communities, The Hyde Group, Neighbourhood Care Scheme, Church of the Annunciation, HCA

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Aim 1. Promoting active citizenship that builds upon existing commitment of residents to their area creating cleaner, safer and more cohesive communities
Specific Actions (heading in bold) Lead Potential Partners Measure of success Timescale- review/monitoring
Encourage and assist community initiatives to make the area more attractive        
Annual bulb planting on communal areas TDC/HA QPCA, May Rd, Good Gym, Phoenix community group? Bulbs get planted and flower Annual pre spring
Tree replacement fundraising on Pankhurst and other areas QPCA HA, TDC Number of replacement trees provided
Explore the idea of building bird boxes that are installed in gardens (particularly older people) across the ward Neighbourhood Care Scheme TDC, Local Schools, HA Bird boxes installed 1 year
Support QPCA to explore funding (EDB?) for planters and bench on Pankhurst Ave QPCA TDC, BHCC, HA Planters and bench installed on Pankhurst Ave (nominated people to care for each planter) 1 year
Hold another clean-up day on the QP estate QPCA BHCC, TDC Clean up day held 1 year
Holding events to build community spirit and strengthen neighbourliness        
Supporting streets and groups to run street parties/community barbeque HCA, TDC All groups Event happens

New people join in

Annual monitoring
Annual Zocalo to coincide with Jo Cox weekend HA HCA Hanover Directory Event happens

New people join in

Annual monitoring
Explore initiatives to  reduce social isolation including surveying and Housing Dept enabling shared contact with potentially isolated people BHCC, TDC, Impetus Community groups, HA, HCA Numbers involved in activities Annual monitoring
Ensure that Community Navigators know about all local activities and groups Sean D (Impetus) Community Navigators, TDC All groups Sean set up initial meeting between lead partners Annual monitoring
Work to develop community led projects on phoenix, May Road and Pankhurst estates
Develop an action plan to tackle issues raised in the phoenix community survey Phoenix community group + Hyde HA Phoenix community centre, phoenix gallery, city clean, city parks, highways Action plan will contain many actions and changes  in satisfaction will be linked to each action Annual review, repeat survey after 3 years to monitor satisfaction
Support and sustain the emerging Community Association on Phoenix estate TDC Ward councillors, Phoenix Community Association Association is set up and sustained 1 year
Support volunteering and involve students in the community
Provide information about the neighbourhood care scheme and casserole club to students and others Sean D Neighbourhood Care Scheme UoS, UoB, student unions Information shared and links made between organisations Annual
HEG community stall at freshers fair (with map) advertising volunteer opportunities HA,


Residents groups, UoS Lewes Rd office Event held

Students recruited

To promote the Neighbourhood Care Scheme, Casserole Club and Lightbulb across the ward Neighbourhood Care Scheme GP’s to sign post to those who may benefit, Community Groups, Local newsletters Compare numbers of new people from previous year



12 months
Aim 2. To support and strengthen community facilities
Specific Actions (heading in bold) Lead Potential Partners Measure of success Timescale- review/monitoring
Strengthen a network of community facilities events and groups        
Compile list of venues, community groups + contacts for publications + websites TDC Community groups, Hanover directory List done and publicised 6-12 months
Work with Hanover directory to expand delivery area across the whole ward David Gibson QPCA, Phoenix Community Association, Hanover Action, Friends of the Patch Distribution expanded 6 months
Aim 3. To develop initiatives aiming to actively become a more inclusive community and bring people together
Specific Actions (heading in bold) Lead Potential Partners Measure of success Timescale- review/monitoring
Compile a list of HMO landlords and HMO agents and involve them in community discussion around HMO issues. BHCC HEGLAT List compiled and used 6 months
Set up exploratory meeting to identify actions to maximise harmony between transient and longer term residents HEGLAT/ Uos/UoB Community groups, student unions, letting agents, BHCC Meeting held

Actions agreed

12 months
Support individuals with caring responsibilities to attend meetings BHCC, Hyde, TDC Community Groups More people with caring responsibilities attend meetings 12 months
Aim 4. To continue to develop the Coalition of Communities so that they can access funding streams such as the Community Infrastructure Levy
Specific Actions (heading in bold) Lead Potential Partners Measure of success Timescale- review/monitoring
Coalition of Communities to become a constituted group that can qualify for Community Infrastructure Levy CC All groups CC constituted 1 year
Explore Community Infrastructure Levy for Brighton General Hospital and other developments across the ward CC BHCC, TDC, QPCA
Aim 5. To improve and support good working relationships between developers, BHCC and Communities
Specific Actions (heading in bold) Lead Potential Partners Measure of success Timescale- review/monitoring



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