An Easter message

Easter weekend marks the arrival of spring and is usually a time to come together with family and friends. The Christians amongst us celebrate the end of Lent and the resurrection of Jesus. This year, unfortunately, the way we are celebrating is different, as we must continue to do all we can to stop Covid-19 … Continue reading An Easter message

Community Newsletter – Issue 1

Working with our ward Councillors, the council Community Engagement Team and the Trust for Developing Communities, we have compiled a community newsletter for residents which includes local links and phone numbers – particularly for those without internet access. The priority for delivery will be to get a copy to each household in council or social … Continue reading Community Newsletter – Issue 1

Joining forces with Mutual Aid

Stuck at Home? You’re not alone. Welcome to our shiny new Hanover and Elm Grove ‘Fighting Covid-19 together’ website designed for you to Get Help, Give Help and Get Advice for yourself and your neighbours so we, as a community, can get through this crisis together. This is our ward’s response to a situation none … Continue reading Joining forces with Mutual Aid