A new start at Hartington!

29c Hartington Road is a residential housing development adjacent to St Martins School. The block itself is not new, having formed variously student accommodation and social housing over the years, but it is about to embark upon a new chapter.

In January 2020, Housing Committee approved a proposal to buy the block of 38 flats(External link) and to use the properties to provide temporary homes for people in housing need, and following improvement works and refurbishment, the first tenants moved in late last year.

The property has previously been known as Gladstone Court, but as part of its renewal and re purposing, the council would like to rename it.

As a part of the council anti-racist strategy it is looking for opportunities to better reflect our diverse communities and the contributions made to our city, its history and its heritage by people of colour, and for this reason the theme for the renaming will be “Celebrating Brighton’s Black History”

The council have set up an online ideas board for people to post suggestions. The ideas board site also includes background information on the reasons for the name change as well as links to local Black History resources.

The BHCC Housing Management Board will draw up a shortlist of suggestion, and a community panel made up of local residents and students from St Martins School will make the final suggestion.

Everyone submitting an idea will be entered into a Prize Draw with the chance to win one of five £10 book tokens for Afrori Books(External link) – a shop for books of Black origin shortly to open their first shop in Brighton

To find out more and submit your suggestions, visit https://climateconversationsbrighton.uk.engagementhq.com/hartingtonroad

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