Community Food Projects

Starting as a part of the Covid emergency response, community food projects based from the Phoenix Community Centre, The Edge on Pankhurst Avenue and the Annunciation Church have become permanent local services which offer low cost provisions to our communities.

Phoenix Food Shop

We are a volunteer led group of local residents who are working towards making food accessible and affordable for our local community. To do this, we run a weekly food shop whereby members of the community can play a small fee, which we supplement through fundraising and donations, in order to receive good quality food for a fraction of its normal cost. Our services are not mean tested and we are entirely voluntary run, with support from our local council and through partnerships with non-profit organisations within Brighton and Hove. Our vision is to not only provide food which is low-cost and low-waste for local residents, but to also create greater awareness of nutrition and sustainability and to cultivate a sense of belonging and care within our local environment.

To contact us and for more info see

The Pankhurst Pantry

The Pankhurst Pantry is a volunteer run affordable food project based at the Edge Community Room at the top of Pankhurst Avenue, near Brighton Racecourse.

The Pantry’s has two main objectives:

  • to use surplus food that would otherwise be thrown away to feed people in our community.  
  • to provide a free or low-cost shop to those in our community who need a bit of support in a friendly environment.

There is no need for referral to the Pantry although we welcome enquiries from professionals working with people in need in the area. Anyone living or working near the Edge Community Room is welcome to attend the Pantry. We ask that those who can afford to make a donation for the food do so to support those who can’t. Donations are on a pay-as-you-feel basis but we suggest £3 or £5 as a minumum.

We get surplus food from a variety of places and try and provide a varied shop each week but as this is surplus food there will have different quantities and types of food every week. We usually have fresh bread, fresh fruit and vegetables, toiletries and a selection of store-cupboard items such as pasta, tins of soup or oats. We don’t yet have the facilities for chilled goods.

Contact: or 07751 644051

The Toast Club

The first rule of Toast Club is do talk about Toast Club. A free nutritious first meal of the day for whoever needs one available every morning at The Annunciation Church, 89 Washington Street, Brighton.

Info and contract details to follow

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