Environment: Green space, biodiversity & sustainability

Recognising that Brighton & Hove City Council has declared its “recognition of global climate and biodiversity emergencies.”

Proposed aims:

  • A community that minimises harmful impacts upon the environment, and promotes sustainable living.
  • A healthy and accessible neighbourhood, with a focus on community well-being and the environment.
  • A community which promotes nature, and increased biodiversity in its streetscape, parks and gardens.

Potential Partners: City Council Sustainability Team, Hanover Action: towards a sustainable community, CityClean, Magpie recycling, Plastic-free Brighton & Hove, Freecycle, the Brighton & Hove Food Partnership, the Universities, the Hanover Community Association, and Electric Brighton.

Click HERE to download the latest draft of this theme


Aim 1: A community that minimises harmful impacts upon the environment, and promotes sustainable living.


Actions Contributing Partners Indicative timeframe
Action 1 Enable the community to work with the Council and other agencies to achieve a carbon neutral City by 2030. Brighton & Hove City Council, Hanover Action, 2019-20
Action 2




Promote wider action on sustainability through engagement with the Hanover Action’s One Planet Living Action Plan:
–       Resident summary
–       Full Plan
Hanover Action 2018-20
Action 3 Develop and adopt a Charter that promotes the principles of sustainable living and encourages all residents, landlords and businesses to reduce adverse impact on our environment. Brighton & Hove City Council, Hanover Action, The Universities, local landlords and letting agents. 2020

Aim 2: A healthy and accessible neighbourhood with a focus on community well-being




Action 4 Promote access to local green space and parks, such as The Level and The Patch. The Patch, the BHCC Sustainability Team, and Elm Grove School 2018-20
Action 5 Bring people together and develop sense of pride in area and to combat loneliness, by developing ‘Hanover in Bloom’ events, monthly community clean-up days, and school environmental initiatives. Local Action Team, Hanover Community Association, Hanover Action, and Rubbish Friends. 2018-20
Action 6 Encourage the shift to healthier modes of transport by encouraging walking, cycling and public transport. BHCC Health Walks Team, Bike Hub, Sustrans, The Big Lemon, Brighton & Hove Buses, and Bus Watch. 2018-20
Action 7 Enable safe and easy walking in an improving streetscape (dropped kerbs, fewer wheelie bins on pavements, etc.) that has accessible pavements free from obstruction. Local estate agents, landlords, City Clean and the Universities. 2018-20
Action 8



Action  9

Increase cycling via the provision of well-distributed cycle stands, secure covered cycle parking, two-way cycling in one-way streets and promotion of the BTN BikeShare and use of the Brighton Bike Hub.

Enable equitable access to a convenient residential network of plug-in car charging points; and highlight resources at Electric Brighton

Brighton & Hove City Council, The Bike Hub, and Hanover Action.



BHCC Sustainability Team, Electric Brighton and Hanover Action.


Aim 3: A community that promotes nature and increased biodiversity in its streetscape, parks and gardens.




Action 10 Improve the natural environment and contribute to carbon neutrality through increased tree planting, replacing dead street trees (via use of crowd-source funding), planting shrubs in green spaces, adopting street planters and the creation of meadow areas in open green space. BHCC Sustainability Team, Hanover Action, and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.
Action 11 Increase biodiversity in the environment and promote an environmentally-responsible approach to insects, birds, and animals in our urban environment; ending pesticide use in the streets and green spaces. Hanover Action, and the BHCC Sustainability Team. 2018-19
Action 12 Support initiatives to turn tarmac into planted areas, green space and raised beds throughout the community. Local Action Team, Hanover Community Association, and Hanover Action.
Action 13


Develop initiatives to reduce plastic use and subsequent pollution of the natural environment. Plastic Free Brighton & Hove, and Hanover Action

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