Restorative Communities Project

In 2015, Brighton & Hove pledged to become a ‘restorative city’.  This means that whenever a person reports anti-social behaviour, conflict or crime they will be listened to, offered an opportunity to communicate with the person that caused the harm and to be involved in deciding what needs to happen to put things right.  This approach comes from New Zealand and is referred to as ‘restorative justice’ or RJ within the Criminal Justice System.

For more about Restorative Practice in the city, have a look at the Community Safety Partnership website HERE

 In 2017, members of the Hanover & Elm Grove Community Coalition made a successful bid to Brighton & Hove City Council’s Communities Fund to look at how restorative approaches can be used to improve community cohesion in the ward, to help divert people away from crime and conflict, and to explore practical ways of embedding this approach in reducing the harm caused by conflict.

The Coalition developed three pilot projects across the ward to test this approach.  The three projects exist to promote community cohesion, to address specific issues that concern residents and businesses, and to demonstrate that through involvement in community we can minimise the likelihood of people becoming involved in anti-social behaviour, crime or conflict.


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