2m Conversations – Lockdown Film Project with Phoenix ArtSpace

Artist, Katy Beinart and filmmakers John Edwards and Lily Murray, are making a film about people’s experiences of living through the lockdown. The aim is to preserve these stories for the future, so in future times we can look back on what we have been through, like a memory box. The idea is to collect many different voices together, people from all over Brighton, telling their stories of how it has been to live through the last 10 weeks. We are making the film as a series of ‘conversations’ – two people, sat at 2 meters apart, discussing what they have been through. You could do this with a family member, friend, or one of us can have the conversation with you. We have a few questions to get things started. We ensure that safety is a priority of filming and the crew stays 2 metres away at all times.


We can film at your front door or anywhere you feel comfortable, for instance at a window, on a park bench, on your street, etc. This is your chance to record your experience, let your opinions and feelings be known, and to be part of a legacy project about this strange and challenging time.

The film will be edited and you will be shown an edited copy for approval before it is made public. It is planned to be shown online and once local libraries and community centres reopen we will organise screenings. We are also hoping to give the film to local libraries and archives to keep for the future.

The project has been created by Phoenix Art Space who have commissioned us to make the in partnership with the Centre for Arts and Wellbeing and Brighton and Hove City Council.

If you are interested, please call or text Katy on 07910123950 or send an email to katy@katybeinart.co.uk

All participants will receive a £10.00 voucher


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