2m Conversations – Lockdown Film Project with Phoenix ArtSpace

Artist, Katy Beinart and filmmakers John Edwards and Lily Murray, are making a film about people’s experiences of living through the lockdown. The aim is to preserve these stories for the future, so in future times we can look back on what we have been through, like a memory box. The idea is to collect … Continue reading 2m Conversations – Lockdown Film Project with Phoenix ArtSpace

Covid-19 Mutual Aid Baking Challenges

The other day, on the Elm Grove & Hanover Covid-19 Mutual Aid Facebook Group, someone asked if people were also running out of pasta in Italy. I told her that it didn’t seem to be that big of an issue there, as my friends were posting photos of their home made pasta!  It got me … Continue reading Covid-19 Mutual Aid Baking Challenges

Thursday Zoom Time!

Continuing with our now regular weekly check-in we will be holding a Communities Forum Zoom on Thursday from 6.30 – 8pm. This week we will be happy to welcome PCSO Marlena Duleba from our local policing team with their latest updates. Another topic for discussion will be the garden growing. There is huge local interest … Continue reading Thursday Zoom Time!

Thursday Meetup

The Communities Forum will be holding its third weekly Zoom meeting this Thursday April 2nd at 6.30pm. For notes from the last meeting, click HERE AGENDA Introductions Food update Mutual Aid update Actions from last meeting Fundraising for foodbank and other activities TDC Newsletter Website Risk of increased violence Any Other Business/Date of Next Meeting … Continue reading Thursday Meetup