Help us shape Hanover Liveable Neighbourhood

As mentioned in a previous post, we have been given the go-ahead for the first pilot low-traffic neighbourhood in Brighton and Hove, which could transform part of our ward into what we’re calling Hanover Liveable Neighbourhood. This is a wonderful opportunity to optimise our outdoor space for everyone living here, and create greener, safer streets with cleaner air.

A liveable neighbourhood makes both socialising and social distancing easier with more communal areas and wider pavements. Kids can play outside and those with reduced mobility have more opportunities to rest when they are walking. Meanwhile, cycling, walking, scooting and using wheelchairs become a lot easier and less hazardous.

What about cars?

People living in the area will still be able to drive and park their cars as before. Deliverers can still deliver and visitors with cars will still be able to visit. Emergency services will have access, as will refuse and recycling collections.

But we want to stop drivers from outside our area using Hanover’s narrow streets as a short cut in their quest to shave a few minutes off their journeys. Many of these drivers exceed speed limits, making our streets even more dangerous. Their presence restricts the movement of those living here, while the fumes from their engines reduce our air quality.

Why Hanover?

In other parts of the country, councils have successfully introduced low traffic neighbourhoods in order to create more people-friendly streets and improve the quality of life for the people living within them. So in June, local community group Hanover Action, supported by the Hanover & Elm Grove Communities Forum, asked the council if we could introduce a pilot low traffic neighbourhood scheme here. Hanover Action has been working with residents over many years and this seemed like a way to respond to some of issues that local people have. Councillors approved the group’s request, which leaves us with the job of deciding what we want the pilot to look like.

Working with residents

The plan is to create a neighbourhood scheme that as many people as possible are happy with. We will be setting up a consultation with the council in order to do this. In the meantime, you can add ideas to improve our area here:

Have a look at our digital pinboard to see some ideas of things that could go into our liveable neighbourhood scheme: You can add your own ideas too. (Use the links below for inspiration.)

We hope you share our excitement about being able to shape the first liveable neighbourhood in Brighton and Hove. Together we can build an exciting, egalitarian future that puts the physical and mental wellbeing of everyone in our community at the heart of it.



Links to other schemes









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