An Easter message

Easter weekend marks the arrival of spring and is usually a time to come together with family and friends. The Christians amongst us celebrate the end of Lent and the resurrection of Jesus.

This year, unfortunately, the way we are celebrating is different, as we must continue to do all we can to stop Covid-19 spreading further. The beautiful weather has made staying home even more frustrating, but by avoiding social contact we could be reducing the number of people suffering and dying from this cruel virus.

Staying at home is obviously less of a problem for people in bigger houses and with gardens.We must make sure those people without a garden aren’t made to feel guilty about going outside – access to fresh air and green space should be available to all. I’m pleased to report that when I took the dog for a walk to the Level yesterday, despite the heat, there were few people around and everyone there was following social distancing guidelines. So it is great to see that the vast majority of people are doing their best to keep the spread of the virus down.

Many of us have been experimenting with different ways to communicate with our loved ones over recent weeks. Digital tools like Whatsapp, Facetime and Zoom, along with good old texts and telephone calls, offer an alterative to face-to-face contact. I’ve had a couple of video chats this weekend with the family and friends I usually spend time with over Easter.

And it is fantastic to see the Hanover and Elm Grove community working together in ways never seen before: people are networked with others in their street, they are chatting to neighbours on WhatsApp and FaceTime and getting supplies for those who can’t get out. We are extremely grateful to those at our local Covid-19 Mutual Aid and Support Group – in particular Kaye, Roisin and Sumitra – for making this happen. We hope that all of this love and support within the community will continue to spread across our community beyond the current crisis.

We want everyone know that while you carry out the necessary measures to keep you and those around you safe, your councillors are here to support you. So if you or anyone you know needs help or guidance, please contact me or one of your other local councillors:

Email:       Tel: 07704 314867
Email:   Tel: 07810 150833
Email:    Tel: 07795 335967

Screenshot 2020-04-13 11.05.51

A very Happy Easter to you all,

Cllr Elaine Hills

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