Fund total doubles to over £4k thanks to the generosity of running challenge sponsors

A big thanks to all who sponsored our running challenges and helped fellow councillor David Gibson and I raise over £2,300 for the Hanover and Elm Grove Communities Forum Covid-19 Hardship Fund. David Gibson ran twice as far as me in total – 10km for 10 days. But I managed to complete 7 runs of 7km on consecutive days, and that was definitely enough of a challenge for me.

Cllr David Gibson and Cllr Elaine Hills celebrating the completion of their running challenges

While we each reached the metaphorical finish line at the end of May, sponsorship money has continued to trickle into the Crowdfunder, which now totals an amazing £4,140.

The appeal was set up to help those in our ward who are suffering most due to the Covid crisis. The money will help fund the two volunteer-run food hubs in our area, on the Phoenix and Pankhurst Estates, which send out food parcels to people across the ward who are short of food.

Some of the money will be used to establish a not-for-profit community supermarket in our ward, which will give people on low incomes the opportunity to buy high quality food at very low prices. A community café will hopefully follow too.

I’d like to say how much we appreciate generosity of everyone who has been able to contribute to the appeal at this very difficult time.

If you’d still like to contribute to the Crowdfunder, go to:

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