Kids want greener, more colourful streets that they can play in

Have you ever asked kids what they’d like their street to look like? Anoushka Visvalingam, a teacher at St Luke’s did just that. The Year 5 children took part in a geography project in which they considered the different ways in which we can make the streets we live on nicer for everyone. They thought about what would make their own street better and then drew their dream street. And the results were amazing!

Some of the children’s suggestions were:
– Street parklets with seating, green areas and benches
– More trees and planters containing plants and flowers
– Bird houses and bird feeders to encourage more avian visitors
– Mini street libraries or book swaps
– Play facilities such as slides, basketball hoops and street trampolines
– Better provision for disabled people – such as pavement bumps and ramps
– More pedestrian crossings and one way streets to slow and reduce traffic
– Colourful drawings and designs on streets and bus stops to make the streets look more welcoming
– More cycle lanes and cycle storage so that cycling feels safer and have safe places to keep their bikes

And so much more! Have a look through the gallery to see all of the children’s ideas.

The My Dream Street challenge ties in with the Liveable Hanover scheme, which aims to stop outside traffic cutting through Hanover and the streets to the south, as far as Edward Street. This will give us an opportunity to reimagine our streets and create spaces that work for the people who live on them, and allow them to enjoy the space outside their homes. You can find out more here:

We’d love to see what people of all ages would like to see in their streets. Send your drawings to:

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