Hanover & Elm Grove Ward Funding – how should we use it?

Dear Forum member,

We are inviting you  to a Communities Forum special session to help prioritise the spending of the local councillor ward funds in ways that maximise community benefit. The meeting will be on zoom and will discuss bids from community groups and others to spend between £2,300 and £3,000 funds. The zoom will be at 6.30 pm on Tuesday 16th of March

We are inviting local community groups and residents to come forward with proposals. Please bring all proposals to the meeting. Proposals need to be costed and should ideally be  discussed with a ward councillor ahead of the meeting and submitted beforehand. To make the funds stretch as far as possible we are encouraging groups to provide some match funding for their requests. Match funding need not be hard cash but could also be volunteers time.

Funding would need to go through a constituted group or direct to a supplier, so if you are not part of a group it may well be necessary to apply to be funded through a group like the communities forum.

Please e mail or call  David (07810150833), Elaine (07704 314867) or Steph (07795335967) if you or your group has a funding idea, or place your idea on the Hanover & Elm Grove Ideas Padlet Board HERE

For a link to the Zoom meeting, contact simon.bannister@brighton-hove.gov.uk




Look forward to seeing you on the 16th March

All the best,

David, Elaine and Steph

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