Community Safety Survey Summary

Over the summer of 2019, we ran our first ward – wide survey looking at issues of crime and community safety. The aim of this was to inform the neighborhood action plan and give some representative and reliable data to help indicate neighbourhood and community concerns.

The survey ran from August to October and the results were presented at our community event at the Hanover Center on October 19th, which was attended by representatives from Sussex Police. To dowload a copy of the survey summary, click HERE

Here is a summary of the findings:

The survey was available online via Survey Monkey, and also in paper form. It was promoted online and at community events.

The survey attracted 141 responses from across the ward; of these over 90% were residents, with the remainder being people who work in the area.

The respondents covered a wide age range, with the largest group in the 50 – 64 age bracket.Screenshot from 2019-11-11 10-58-26

Around 75% of respondents had lived or worked in Hanover & Elm Grove for over 5 years, with almost 40% connected to the area for twenty years plus!Screenshot from 2019-11-11 10-58-49

The majority  Рaround 70% were in part or full time employment, with just over 10% retired.Screenshot from 2019-11-11 10-59-12

Of the 141 responses 52 streets were represented, which is just over 50% of the total, and the streets with the most responses were spread across the ward, from Phoenix Place in the south east corner up to Bernard Road to the north west.

Screenshot from 2019-11-11 10-59-45

Although some key concerns are picked up, the survey results general indicate a low crime area with a low fear of crime, and the next questions look more at this:

Screenshot from 2019-11-11 11-00-13

Screenshot from 2019-11-11 11-00-54

Although generally concerns around fear of crime and becoming a victim of crime are relatively low, there are some specific concerns, with cyber crime and identity theft worrying more people than robbery or burglary.

Screenshot from 2019-11-11 11-01-29

Being an area of low car ownership, it is perhaps unsurprising that crime against vehicles comes low on the list of concerns, although it is possibly surprising that sexual assault and harassment comes at the bottom of the list.

Screenshot from 2019-11-11 11-01-57

The next question looks at our local priorities – the things which the forum may want to pick up with the police and council over time and keep a particular focus on, and offer a steer to the police when considering their activity in our area.

Screenshot from 2019-11-11 11-02-33

The final question considers how safe we feel in our area and how much we would recommend it to others, and the majority of residents showed satisfaction with our area and would happily recommend it to others.

Screenshot from 2019-11-11 11-03-02

Thanks to David who put the survey together and to all of the residents and workers who took time to complete it.

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