What would your dream street look like?

By Ian MacIntyre, chair of Hanover Action

Fancy taking part in an artistic, physically distanced but socially connected and radically important project?

Want to make a difference to your street, help save the planet and be part of the first Brighton Liveable Neighbourhood?

Imagine your perfect street. What would you like to see in it? More trees and planters? Wider pavements? Fewer cars? More space for children to play? Areas for people to socialise?

If you live in Hanover, we’d love you to tap into your create side and draw your ideal street, then put your drawing up in your window. We welcome children, adults, groups, individuals – anyone in fact – to take part. It would be lovely to see your vision of how your street could look its best, and this can start conversations about what changes your street’s residents would like to see. We very much looking forward to seeing lots of colourful creations adorning the windows of Hanover.

You can print out one of the digital poster below or just draw your masterpiece on a piece of paper. Alternatively, contact us with your address and we’ll get a printed template over to you: liveablehanover@gmail.com

We’d love to see your pictures, so please send a photo of yours to the email above, stating the name of your street and we’ll display as many as we can on our website.

Some streets already have reps, to help get word out to everyone in the street. Please have a look here for your street’s contact: Could you represent your street? – Google Docs

And we’re still looking for more, if you’d like to sign up, you can do so on the document above.

It was agreed by the council last year that the first pilot of a low traffic, or liveable neighbourhood scheme would be in Hanover. We want to take this opportunity to create the best environment we can for everyone who lives in the area. So we are seeking ways to get engage with as many residents as possible.

The council is committed to reducing through traffic and managing our roads so that our outdoor space is easier to navigate and more pleasant for all. This idea was given a huge thumbs up by the recent Brighton and Hove Climate Assembly, who put as their third priority: The Creation of healthier low traffic/pedestrianised communities. (See Brighton & Hove climate assembly findings report (brighton-hove.gov.uk))

And you can find out more about the project here: https://hanoverandelmgrove.net/liveable-neighbourhood

Right here, right now is the time to make change for those lucky enough to live in Hanover.

More on Hanover Liveable Neighbourhood here:

1 thought on “What would your dream street look like?

  1. […] A big and quite exciting piece of work also being developed is the Liveable Hanover initiative. This is a proposal which has been worked up by Hanover Action and the Forum and with active support of our ward councillors, and is about reducing the impact of rat-running and vehicle through-traffic in our area, and improving our streets for walking, cycling, playing and planting. A deputation taken to council earlier on in the year, and ongoing work led by Cllr Hills  – including a ‘pop-up Parklet’ demonstration streetspace – has resulted in the council selecting our area as a pilot project, and investing in improvement to our streets. For more on this project see https://hanoverandelmgrove.net/home/liveable-neighbourhoods/ and for the first part of our participative street design activities see https://hanoverandelmgrove.net/2021/01/19/what-would-your-dream-street-look-like/ […]

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