Neighborhood Action Plan

The Neighbourhood Action Plan for Hanover and Elm Grove identifies community concerns as well as ambitions for future improvements and sets out a framework for collaborative with the council and services. This is arranged over six linked themes explained in more detail below.

  • Recycling, refuse and street cleansing
  • Crime and community safety
  • Environment, green space, biodiversity and sustainability
  • Neighbourliness and community spirit
  • Digital resillience
  • Health

Refuse and Recycling

Proposed aims: To have clean streets free of litter, fouling and fly tipping or abandoned items and containers; To support strategies for waste minimisation including improving our overall approach to recycling; To reduce levels of unwanted/illegal rubbish in the area. Find out more…

Crime and community safety

Proposed aims: To create a safe neighbourhood where residents can enjoy safe streets, parks and public spaces and where the fear of crime is low; To use restorative justice as a means of tackling antisocial behaviour, reducing graffiti and reducing the incidences of crime. Find out more…

Environmental: Green space, Biodiversity & Sustainability

Recognising that Brighton & Hove City Council has declared its “recognition of global climate and biodiversity emergencies.” Proposed aims: A community that minimises harmful impacts upon the environment, and promotes sustainable living. Find out more

Neighbourliness and community spirit

Proposed aims: To promote active citizenship that builds upon the distinctive ‘village’ feel of Hanover & Elm Grove, creating a cleaner, safer & more cohesive community.  Get more info…


Proposed Aims: Ensure everyone within Hanover & Elm Grove is aware of and has easy access to local health services. Promote mental well-being by tackling isolation and developing programmes that encourage social and community interaction. Get more info…

Hanover and Elm Grove online

Proposed aims: To achieve a high level of digital inclusion within our community. Promote the use of local digital resources – community websites, local social media. Get more info…

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