Neighborhood Action Plan

In 2018 our community came together to work with the council in developing a Neighbourhood Action Plan (NAP) for Hanover & Elm Grove. The aim of the plan was to ask residents to help define the strengths and ambition of our community and to put together ideas and proposals which the council and others could work with us to achieve.

Out of this early work, the Hanover & Elm Grove Communities Forum became established as an umbrella group for community organisations and a forum for developing the NAP.

Almost as soon as we had completed the first draft, Covid came and everything changed. Looking back over this work, there were many things we weren’t able to complete, but also some unexpected achievements in our area – the formation of our fantastic community food projects and the rapid progress of the Liveable Neighbourhood initative for example.

Three years on, it is time to have another look at the plan and see if it still works for us and what needs to change and to help with this we have set up an online survey where you can comment on our current priorities and add your ideas for other initiatives.

The survey can be found HERE and your input would be much appreciated.

About the current Neighbourhood Action Plan:

The current Neighbourhood Action Plan for Hanover and Elm Grove identifies community concerns as well as ambitions for future improvements and sets out a framework for collaborative with the council and services. This is arranged over six linked themes explained in more detail below.

  • Recycling, refuse and street cleansing
  • Crime and community safety
  • Environment, green space, biodiversity and sustainability
  • Neighbourliness and community spirit
  • Digital resillience
  • Health

Refuse and Recycling

Proposed aims: To have clean streets free of litter, fouling and fly tipping or abandoned items and containers; To support strategies for waste minimisation including improving our overall approach to recycling; To reduce levels of unwanted/illegal rubbish in the area. Find out more…

Crime and community safety

Proposed aims: To create a safe neighbourhood where residents can enjoy safe streets, parks and public spaces and where the fear of crime is low; To use restorative justice as a means of tackling antisocial behaviour, reducing graffiti and reducing the incidences of crime. Find out more…

Environmental: Green space, Biodiversity & Sustainability

Recognising that Brighton & Hove City Council has declared its “recognition of global climate and biodiversity emergencies.” Proposed aims: A community that minimises harmful impacts upon the environment, and promotes sustainable living. Find out more

Neighbourliness and community spirit

Proposed aims: To promote active citizenship that builds upon the distinctive ‘village’ feel of Hanover & Elm Grove, creating a cleaner, safer & more cohesive community.  Get more info…


Proposed Aims: Ensure everyone within Hanover & Elm Grove is aware of and has easy access to local health services. Promote mental well-being by tackling isolation and developing programmes that encourage social and community interaction. Get more info…

Hanover and Elm Grove online

Proposed aims: To achieve a high level of digital inclusion within our community. Promote the use of local digital resources – community websites, local social media. Get more info…

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